Happy Easter!!

Happy holidays everyone! It’s been a strange term but I am so pleased we got to complete the last 3 weeks back in the classroom.

We have enjoyed some Easter activities over the last couple of days, including making a harness to send Fred the egg down a zip line.

Enjoy a well deserved rest over the next couple of weeks, and I look forward to seeing everyone back next term.

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A busy week!

Class journalist

This week we have been doing personal projects and finishing our Pete and Polly Powers stories. We used metaphors and similes to write poems about an old man at sea. We have been doing tree art. We talked about our lockdown memories and made rainbow reflections and took part in the minute silence on Wednesday. For health and well-being we have been making an emotion chart by drawing emojis for feelings like happy, sad, excited, bored and hungry. On Friday we were allowed on the astroturf for the first time (yay!!) and ran around and played a big game of chaos tig.
By Brodie

Back at school
I feel really good when I am back at school because it is easier than home schooling. Anna
I feel fine about being back at school. Reilly
I have enjoyed seeing my friends. Megan
I enjoyed going on the new playground. Daisy
Being back at school is great because you can see your friends. Liam A

New playground

Our new playground looks fantastic! We had great fun playing on the Astro today.

Red Nose Day

We had a great Red Nose day today. We saw red hair, red lunches, red caps and red outfits. The children all enjoyed designing their own funny red noses, and had their knowledge of all things red tested in our quiz. We watched a video about a little boy called Ethan whose family has been helped by Comic Relief.

We told our jokes to p1-4 and the Ferintosh class on our Google Meet, and learned some new jokes from them. Well done to everyone for contributing to such a fun day.

Welcome back!!

It is so good to have everyone back in class. We are enjoying catching up with our friends and getting used to class routines again. We played some games together at the end of the day today, and the afternoon club did a great job of cleaning up after their toast.

MFR Cash for Kids Appeal

I am delighted to let you all know that Mulbuie and Ferintosh Primaries have raised an INCREDIBLE £522.40! This is from the sale of over 100 recipe books, the hundred square, Christmas jumper day and selling calendars. I am blown away by everyones support and so proud to have raised such an amount of money from two wee schools. Thank you all very much!