Book week

As part of our book week activities this week, p4-7 wrote their own stories to share with Mrs Bilsland’s class.

Kempo session

We enjoyed a super Kempo self defence session this week. The children learned a lot and listened really well. It was great fun!


Last week the children were tasked with creating a new cereal. We linked this with our persuasive writing topic and used the T.A.S.C (thinking actively in a social context) wheel to help us through the process. We looked at different cereal packaging and discussed what we liked/didn’t like. The pairs then designed their own brand of cereal, a cereal box and a 30 second radio advert. They then presented their ideas to a panel of “dragons” who gave feedback on their ideas. Rory and Isla came first, but it was a close contest!!


P3-7 saw Dumbo at the cinema on Friday. We enjoyed the movie, and then thought about how being different and unique is a good thing and how important it is to be kind.

Mrs Fraser was very impressed with everyone’s super behaviour on our outing!!