Spreading the Kindness

Continuing our topic we have created a a Kindness Christmas tree!

A kind task or message under each hand.

In class we are also following a Kindness Advent calendar with little tasks to complete each day.



Blackout Poetry

Today we created poems around the theme of kindness.

By selecting certain words, beautiful and powerful poems were made!

Great work P5/6/7

New Term

Great start to this new term with lots of hard work in P5/6/7!

Today in our writing session we looked at instructional writing with a Halloween twist. Everyone had to write instructions to create a creature using the “ingredients” provided.

We then picked a random jotter and in the afternoon followed these instructions and made the creature described.

Many of us soon realised the importance of being really specific and descriptive in each step of the instructions to make it as easy as possible to follow.

Here are some of the creations…