Our week

This week was a short week and we had lots of fun. On Wednesday morning (with Mrs More) we were learning about homophones and in the afternoon with Mrs Fraser we were doing book creator, which is a website that allows you to make books, online. For reading we are doing grammar and comprehension. In maths we are learning how to round numbers and the P6-7s are rounding decimals and larger numbers. In P.E. we played a game called Solo,Duo,Squads which is a game where there are two catchers and they pick someone who decides if they want to run; alone, with one other person, with  three other people or with everyone then the catchers have to catch everyone. JRSO are making a new competition soon so get ready! On the whole, we had a good time this week. 

Lily, P6 

Our week

Class Journalist

This week we played 40,40 home for P.E. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it (I think). We have been multiplying numbers with tens and hundreds. We are now going to start doing a Kahoot! every Friday, a Kahoot! is a really fun quiz that we do on our chromebooks!!! We are writing about a magical door. We are also drawing an emotion monster like from the Disney film Inside Out. We have been learning all about our emotions.

By Torrin, P7

Weekly update

Each week, one of our class “journalists” will write about what we have been up to during the week.

This week 

Friday 4th September 2020

By Megan Forth, P7

In the last week, the writing we have done is mostly about doors. We’ve been reading the Nowhere Emporium as our class novel, which has a lot of doors in it. We’ve been writing about our own made up doors, with each individual one we make up being completely unique. We have also been doing some art about doors. We’ve been drawing our doors, and colouring them in with pastels, pencils, and sharpies. 

In maths this week, we’ve been doing a lot of revising, mainly on place number value. Though every morning we do about twenty mental maths questions individually, to get our brains warmed up, and ready for the day.

Every week we get a reading task list, which we work on on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and usually complete.                  

A couple of days each week we get PE, which is fun, and everyone joins in. At break times and lunchtimes, we’ve recently been enjoying chaos tig, with almost our entire class joining in. We’re having fun being back at school, and everyone’s doing really well.

Welcome back!!!

It is fantastic to have everybody back in school again. I have really enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone face to face. P5-7 really impressed me with how quickly they have settled into the class and the way they are taking care of themselves and each other. We made the most of the great weather last week and spent lots of time outdoors. We also thought about what we might look like as a monster to tie in with our Class Dojo points.

Victorian Showcase

After working very hard on it all term, we decided to perform our Victorian play to the p1-4 class. The children did brilliantly, taking on 2 or 3 parts and changing roles last minute. I was a very proud teacher! Thank you for providing costumes and props. Hopefully we will be able to perform it for the parents at some point, but in the meantime hopefully these photos will provide a wee taste of what it was like.