This week!

On Monday we came into the classroom. We did maths with Miss Choinka, we did fractions and learning place value.

 After break we did writing for about 1-2 hours then we did spelling.  Then we had lunch. Miss Houston read us the accidental time traveller. Then it was pe but I went to afternoon club.


We did smart start then mental maths, maths and  break. After break we did writing spelling then lunch. After lunch we read the explorer. We reading then art. The art was cool. We drew zentangle leaves. 


We did mental maths maths break  grammar writing spelling  then lunch class novel,reading and pe


We did mental maths, maths, break, learning about core values in PE, spelling, lunch then class novel then reading and finally pe.


We practiced our times tables and then went outside for Maths. We made our own shops using things we found outside. Mrs Choinka gave us a budget and we tried not to get bankrupt!!We learned about Scottish foods and placed them into a timeline for Topic. In the afternoon we thought about our achievements and then had a no technology Golden Time. 

Class journalists

We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks!

 Friday 13th November

This week we had lots of things to do. On Tuesday we did fractions, percentages and decimals for maths. For writing we have been doing Facing a fear stories in which the character has to overcome his or her fear. In spelling the sound is Ay (eigh or ai). We learned about poppies on Wednesday and had a moment of silence. We coloured in pictures of poppies and wrote a hope on them. On Wednesday we did a message for Ms Hammond.

By Lily P6    

Friday 20th November 2020

By Megan, P7

This week we have been doing a lot of fractions, decimals, and percentages, and how to convert them. We were solving logic problems.

We have been working hard on our topic which, right now, is Scotland and food. Or scottish food. We’ve learned what some traditional scottish foods are, and where they come from. We were given maps of Scotland and we labeled dots of where the food came from, and what food it was. Also for topic we were writing restaurant reviews, and designing our own logos.

For writing this week, we have written a face the fear story, where our character has a fear, and faces it by the end of the story. 

Halloween Fun!

Welcome back everyone!! It is great to have everyone back from holidays and ready for a new term.

We had a great day today. Well done everyone for your super costumes. We decorated masks, made crispy cakes, wrapped up staff with toilet roll to make mummies, read each other the spooky stories we had written during the week and designed our own pumpkins.

A huge thank you also to the parents who made the outside of the school and the hall look very spooky!!!

Hello Yellow!

I am so proud of our leadership team for organising such a great event today. They planned it all and made it fun for everyone – even in the pouring rain!!

We raised the fantastic sum of £56.45 for the charity Young Minds.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and a well deserved break. Thank you all for working so hard and making this such a good term.

Harry Potter day

As a reward for working SO hard this term, Mrs Fraser planned a Harry Potter activity day for us today (and sneaked some learning in there too!). We made catapaults to fly golden snitches, learned a spell to make a penny disappear, made our own wands, examined some troll bogeys and created our own very cute magical creatures! It was a great day.

This week

This week we have been learning the six and seven times table. We have been adding and subtracting with chimney sums. 

 We’ve been doing Keith Haring art. We looked at some of his pictures and then created our own Haring inspired art. 

For spelling We’ve been doing the sound “o”  like in “song”.

With Mrs Houston we made paper bag kites. We then wrote instructions for how to make a kite. 

For writing we’ve been doing a story called Stranded about someone who gets stuck on a tropical island. 

For maths today we used our outdoor learning box and we measured the height and circumference of trees. The tallest tree we measured was 31m 57cm. 

By Brodie p5

This week!

  Our week 

 On Wednesday we played ukulele with a new teacher Mrs Kennedy since Mrs More was not  in. Today we did some outside math. We drew a place value chart on the ground with chalk and then used stones and sticks to make some really big numbers. We got new spelling words. Our sound is i. We learned our 6 times table. We played sumdog. We made graffiti names during Art.

We wrote a facing a fear story . We were rounding and doing decimals in maths. We do speedy  mental maths every day.We did reading, sra and grammar sheets . We learned how to use shine to help us to feel happy – ,show kindness, have a laugh, investigate, notice and exercise. 

By Mikala and Archie