Victorian Showcase

After working very hard on it all term, we decided to perform our Victorian play to the p1-4 class. The children did brilliantly, taking on 2 or 3 parts and changing roles last minute. I was a very proud teacher! Thank you for providing costumes and props. Hopefully we will be able to perform it for the parents at some point, but in the meantime hopefully these photos will provide a wee taste of what it was like.

Book in a box

As part of our world book day celebrations, we worked in small groups to create a book in a box. We used the TASC wheel to plan, design, create and evaluate our boxes. Don’t they look fabulous?

The Midnight Gang
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

World book day

We had a brilliant world book day! The costumes were fantastic. A huge thank you to Torrin and Brodie’s mum, Daisy’s mum and Ella’s dad for making the hall look so good and planning such fun activities.

Mary Poppins
Alice with some yummy cakes!
Guess who is coming for dinner?

SSPCA visit

We really enjoyed our visit from the SSPCA this morning. We learned all about the work of the SSPCA and the animals they work with before using programming to get our robot “cats” to move. We managed to get the robots to do lots of interesting things to show some of the emotions that farm cats feel.

Some of the facts we learned are:

A sheep can look behind it without turning its head. (Logan)

Seagulls can drink sea water. (Reilly)

Guinea pigs are still eaten in Peru. (Megan)

Hamsters can store their young in their mouths. (Conor)

A baby bat is called a pup. (Scott)

Sheep have 4 stomachs. (Liam R)

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